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In the plastics industry, extruders are a vital component of your manufacturing process. They take your raw materials, either solid or viscous, and form them into the desired shape. These pieces of machinery are some of the largest in the production line and are therefore quite expensive when purchased brand new. Arlington Machinery provides quality, certified used pieces of equipment so that you can outfit your company with the machinery it needs, all at an affordable cost.

Wayne Machine & Die Co. is a leading producer of extruders, and Arlington Machinery is happy to provide our customers with a number of their products. When you choose to go with our company, you can expect:

  • Pre-Owned Wayne Yellow Jacket Extruders

  • Complete Machinery Services

Wayne Extruders for Your Diverse Industry Needs

Wayne has continuously made custom extruders for a wide range of industries. The plastics manufacturing business is one of their specialties and creates machines at all ends of the production spectrum. Whether you’re seeking a simple single screw extruder or something more complex, Wayne is guaranteed to have what you need.

Arlington Machinery carries multiple Wayne products and we’re always on the search for more. The 1” Single Screw Extruder is one of our most popular items, and this features 24-hour production capabilities. If you’re in the search for a more specific Wayne item, our purchasers would be happy to source you the product you need.

Comprehensive Plastics Machinery Services

While used equipment is the primary focus at Arlington Machinery, we offer a variety of services tailored to the plastics machinery industry. Our complete list includes:

  • Appraisal: Our valuation experts are highly trained to give accurate estimates on a variety of pieces of machinery.

  • Buy/Sell: While we’re known for our sales, we’re always on the lookout for gently used pieces of equipment and would love to see what you have to offer.

  • Repair: We have a team of mechanical experts who can quickly diagnose and repair your complete equipment line.

  • Storage: We provide commercial warehouse storage for any piece of equipment you own.

Request a Quote From Us Today

If you’ve spotted a used product on our website that you’d like for your manufacturing business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. With our line of quality products from leading brands like Wayne, and a list of detailed services for your business, Arlington Machinery is the preferred choice. Get a free quote on any product today!

Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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