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The plastics production and manufacturing industry has an intense demand for quality, complex machinery. Polymer fabrication is a complicated process that requires multiple stages in the production line to result in a finished product. There have been a variety of pieces of machinery invented to help, and they are constantly being revamped through innovation to devise more optimum functions. One of the most significant hurdles that companies face is the allocation of this machinery. New equipment can be thousands of dollars, setting back the revenue and progress of the company. Fortunately, used machinery products are a fantastic alternative that allows for more budget flexibility.

Arlington Machinery is the respected distributor of used equipment and has been doing so since 1987. Our company features a revolving door inventory, constantly cycling through the best pre-owned machinery we can find. We’re trusted by thousands of manufacturing companies to source and supply them with the premium products they’re constantly searching for. Our services include:

Standardize Your Process With Uniloy

Blow molding is the process used by the plastics industry to create plastic containers and customized, industrial parts. Uniloy is the global leader in producing these pieces of equipment, serving a diverse range of industries and specializations. Uniloy manufactures its injection blow molding machines with interchangeable parts, allowing you to keep up with any required service. Additionally, the machines are entirely customizable so that your organization's exact needs can be met. 

Arlington Machinery ensures that we always keep a healthy stock of Uniloy products for our customers. Our certified pre-owned machinery is guaranteed to function 100%, as they’re all rigorously tested by our technicians prior to purchase. If there’s a specific piece of Uniloy equipment that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Our Services Cover All Bases

We wouldn’t be Arlington Machinery unless we offer a complete set of services for our customers. Besides acquiring cutting-edge products, we offer a diversity of other benefits that you can take advantage of, including:

  • Buying/Selling: As the main focus of our business, we’re always on the search for the latest used equipment that can be branded to our customer base.

  • Appraisals: If you have equipment you’re willing to part ways with, our valuation experts can give you a quote, assuming that it’s in excellent condition still.

  • Storage: We maintain a spacious storage facility that you can utilize to house the extra machinery you don’t have room for.

  • Machine Shop: Finally, our team of mechanics offers first-rate maintenance and repair services for an extensive list of machinery products.

Grab a Quote for Any Machinery Today

Arlington Machinery is the premium supplier of used Uniloy machinery in impeccable condition. Whether you need a piece of machinery or require one of our extensive services, we’re there for you. Fill out our online form today or give us a call to request a 100% free quote for your equipment purchase.

Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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