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From 1998 to 2002, Nissui Corporation was a leading manufacturer of granulators and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. In 2002, Nissui Corporation came under the purview of USNI Tech, LLC, and today Nissui’s famous S-Cutter Granulator is exclusively supplied by Size Reduction Specialists (SRS Corp).

Nissui S-Cutter Granulators and Other Machinery

The S-Cutter Granulator is the most popular product made by Nissui/USNI Tech. This screenless, low-speed granulator is used beside an injection press to cut up sprues and runners. Low-speed granulators like Nissui’s are typically much smaller, quieter, and more efficient than high-speed machines, and they provide an extremely high-quality, uniform regrind that can be blended back into virgin resin. In this way, Nissui size reduction machines work to significantly reduce the waste in your processing and production line.

Product Inventory: Nissui Machines and Equipment

In addition to the S-Cutter Granulator, Nissui/USNI Tech offers a number of other machines for the plastics industry, including:

  • Dryers
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Other Beside-the-Press Granulators
  • Auxiliary Equipment

While new S-Cutter Granulators are supplied exclusively by SRS, Arlington Machinery maintains a rotating stock of used and refurbished Nissui machines. Our inventory changes every day, but we often have screenless, slow-speed granulators available with varying dimensions, feeds, motors, and drives. If you’re looking for the perfect size reduction machine for a specific application, ask our trained machine specialists for guidance. We’re happy to help.

Work with Us to Buy, Sell, or Appraise Your Nissui Equipment

Arlington Machinery has been in business since 1987, and we buy, sell, and appraise a huge selection of plastics equipment on a daily basis. With an AMEA Appraiser on staff, you can rest assured that our Nissui machines are appropriately and fairly valued based on their condition, age, features, and specifications.

We’re not brokers of machinery but instead maintain our own warehouse, our own in-house machine shop, and our own staff of trained plastics machine experts. Start the process of purchasing, selling, or appraising your Nissui granulators by contacting us today.

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