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The plastics manufacturing industry is a complicated business saturated with a complex array of specialized equipment. Many of these devices are extraordinarily expensive but are absolutely crucial to the production process. It can be challenging for a business to swing these purchases, and many feel that buying brand new is the only option available to them. Fortunately, used equipment comes at a drastically reduced cost than new, while still maintaining the top-notch quality you need for your business.

Arlington Machinery is the trusted distributor of the used plastics equipment industry. We’ve been loyally serving our customers since 1987, ensuring that we always provide the very best prices and the highest-end products. We strive to carry an immense assortment of products, while also offering first-rate services. These services include:

  • Reliable Used MGB Engineering Equipment

  • Trustworthy Auctioning and Repair Services

MGB Engineering Modernizes Your Production Line

If versatility in your production process is an attribute you’re after, MGB Engineering fits the bill. This well-respected machinery equipment company makes a wide range of products that can be utilized in the industry. Their flagship product is their screen changer, which purifies the polymer production process without ever sacrificing throughput. MGB Engineering also makes a range of densifiers for film reclamation and sifters for pellet sorting, as well as producing air knives and hydraulic guillotines. 

Arlington Machinery searches far and wide to stock our inventory with this premium brand. We understand that these are popular devices many companies are after, so we maintain a rotating product line that’s always adapting. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can easily source the used product for you.

Look No Further Than Arlington

Marketing high-quality, used versions of MGB Engineering equipment is only one small facet of our business. We strive to be an all-inclusive plastics machinery distributor, offering a variety of services for our customers. These include:

  • Buying/Selling: The central focus of our business, Arlington is constantly on the lookout for new equipment that we can provide to our customers at astonishing rates.

  • Appraisal Services: You may be looking to sell your equipment but are unsure of the value. We have a team of expert appraisal specialists that’ll give you the maximum accurate valuation of your machinery.

  • Storage: If you’ve started to outgrow your production facility, consider keeping your extra equipment in our secure storage facility.

  • Repair Services: Our machine shop is capable of providing maintenance and repair to a variety of plastics machinery equipment.

Shop for Quality Used Equipment Today

Whether your production process needs a screen changer, sifter, or densifier, MGB Engineering is the machinery brand that you can trust to deliver. Arlington Machinery proudly stocks them and is committed to your customer satisfaction with every purchase. Get started today and request a free quote on their premium equipment.

Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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