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Matsui Manufacturing was founded in Japan in 1912, starting out only as a manufacturer of medical and scientific equipment. In 1962, Matsui got out of the medical field and designed a plastic dryer that was more accurate and efficient than other equipment available. Since then, the company has continued its legacy of innovation, expanding into the United States in 1986 with its first domestic office in Elk Grove Village, IL. Currently located in Hanover Park, IL, Matsui continues to manufacture industrial drying and pneumatic conveying equipment for the plastics industry, including:

  • Loaders and Vacuum Loaders
  • Granulators
  • SMGL3 Portable Low-Speed Granulators
  • MJ5 and MJ3 Portable Desiccant Dryers
  • DPD3 Thermal Conduction Vacuum Dryers
  • PMD Hot Air Dryers
  • MC5 Mold Temperature Controllers
  • Gravimetric Blenders

Loaders and Granulators by Matsui

Matsui is recognized worldwide for high efficiency, user-friendly automation, and reliable system design. Many of their machines are far more compact than comparable models from competitors, without reducing the total capacity or hourly processing function. Their Plas-Aid JL4 Vacuum Loader, for instance, is half the footprint of the previous generation yet can still convey approximately 500 pounds per hour.

Other practical and operator-friendly technologies include:

  • Touchpad Programming
  • Warning Lights and Alarms
  • Intelligent Software
  • Powerful Filters
  • Automatic Flow Optimization
  • Easy-Clean Components

Let Us Sell, Buy, Refurbish, or Appraise Your Matsui Machines

At Arlington Machinery, we offer unmatched expertise in buying, selling, and appraising Matsui dryers, granulators, blenders, and more. We’re not simply a broker but instead maintain our own in-house stock of used equipment that’s been fully tested and appraised. Our on-staff appraiser is certified to produce reports in compliance with USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS, and IFRS.

Contact us today to review our current inventory and get help choosing the right Matsui equipment for your polymer processing needs. We also have in-house machining capabilities and can customize your Matsui machine before shipping it you. We’re here to help!
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