Whether you’re planning for an immediate sale or simply appraising your inventory for your own knowledge, Arlington Plastics Machinery can provide an accurate valuation of any single-shaft shredder. With AMEA-certified appraisers on staff, we can determine the appraised value of any type of size reduction machinery—from a single commercial plastic shredder to an entire factory floor.

To give you the most accurate appraisal, we’ll need to know the key specs, capabilities, and components of your single-shaft shredder. See full details in the checklist below.

Used Single-Shaft Shredding Machine Specifications


Machine Make:

Machine Model:

Vintage of Machine:


Chamber Dimensions:
Length x Width

Rotor Diameter:

Rotor Design: Film and Fiber | Smooth Rotor | Bolt on Cutters | Other: _______

Drive Type:  Gearbox and Pulley | Hydraulic | Electromagnetic Drive

Machinery Options:  In-Feed Conveyor | Discharge Conveyor | Magnet/Metal Detector | Spare Parts | Starter/Control Panel | Hardfaced Chamber

Asking Price:

Additional Information:

Condition:  On a Scale of 1 (Bad) to 5 (Good)

Schedule Your Single-Shaft Shredder Appraisal Today

Arlington Plastics Machinery offers both inspected and uninspected appraisals of all kinds of size reduction machinery. Since our staff is so knowledgeable and experienced, the best way to ensure an accurate appraisal of your single-shaft shredder is to schedule an in-person visit! We know how to identify seemingly small differentials in quality and function that may lead to a more favorable valuation for you.

For an uninspected appraisal, start by collecting the data above and taking as many clear photos as possible. Otherwise, leave it to our AMEA-certified staff by contacting us for an on-site appraisal today!

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