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We sell the plastic extrusion machinery needed for a wide variety of applications, including twin screw extruders. Arlington has a vast inventory of twin screw extruders to meet your specific industry processes or end product requirements. Twin screw extruders come with various screw diameters, configurations and horsepower capabilities. We carry a wide range of extruders from various manufacturers, so you are sure to find what you’re looking for within our inventory. Twin screw extruders are used for compounding, when special colors or different properties need to be added to the plastic materials. This type of plastic extrusion machinery allows the mixing of different materials in order to create a certain color or property of the plastics. Twin screw extruders have a broad range of applications across any industry that deals with plastics, such as the chemicals, packaging and automotive industries, among others. Call Arlington today at 877-887-9408 for a quote on our used twin screw extruders.
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