ENTEK first got its start in 1984 manufacturing highly filled sheet for automotive batteries. Since then, the company has grown substantially from its modest origins in Lebanon, Oregon to become a worldwide manufacturer of plastic extrusion equipment. At present, ENTEK produces cutting-edge plastic extruders, and lead-acid separators and lithium-ion separators for use in batteries. ENTEK only produces twin-screw extruders, but also offer custom construction and installation services too.

ENTEK’s Cutting-Edge Twin-Screw Extruders

The twin-screw extruder is a plastic extruder built with two identical turn screws inside the barrel. The two screws turn together allowing the extruder to process plastic and other materials faster and more efficiently.

Innovative Plastic Extrusion Machinery

ENTEK is known for their advanced extrusion systems. They have designed extruders with Quick Change technology allowing businesses to change out screws in under five minutes. Their unique extruder frame design keeps dust away from the machine. Plus, they have SMART control technology with a recipe library, current software, and remote troubleshooting options.

ENTEK Twin Screw Extruders

Their twin-screw extruder line features seven different products with different barrel sizes including:

  • 27mm
  • 33mm
  • 43mm
  • 53mm
  • 73mm
  • 103mm
  • 133mm

Buying, Selling, and Appraising Twin-Screw Extruders from ENTEK

Arlington Machinery is a leading buyer and seller of plastic extrusion equipment including ENTEK’s twin-screw extruders. If you are interested in selling an ENTEK extruder our appraisal experts will be glad to provide a fair and accurate price for you. We also maintain a warehouse of used plastic extrusion machines for purchase at affordable rates. You can easily call us or fill out our online form to ask about any of our services today.

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