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Vecoplan brings over 50 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise to create innovative technologies for all of your plastic recycling needs. Vecoplan industrial shredders and plastic recycling equipment are high-quality and durable plastic size reduction machinery, ensuring the best grinding of plastic materials. 

Premium Shredders, Grinders & Granulators for Efficient Plastics Recycling

As an industry leader in manufacturing plastic shredders and granulators, we know what it takes to deliver the best plastics size reduction machinery. We understand the goals of plastics processors and have created high-quality machinery that reprocesses plastic, so the material can be broken down and used for other purposes.

Size Reduction Machinery from Vecoplan and Other Quality Manufacturers

Plastics is versatile, which is why we offer customized technology that can rise to any challenge. At Arlington Machinery, our team has the right solution for plastic size reduction and recycling needs.  Different plastics call for unique demands in technology. We are here to help with a wide selection of equipment, from several manufacturers, including: Single-Shaft Shredders, Dual-Shaft Shredders, Granulators, Grinders and more!

Buy or High-Quality Plastics Recycling Equipment Today

At Arlington Machinery, we offer high-quality used and reconditioned equipment for jobs of all sizes and scopes. Additionally, our team will be there to help with any repairs or routine maintenance. Give us a call to learn more about our size reduction products and services today.

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