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Now part of APV Plastics Machinery Inc., Sterling Extruder Corporation operated under its own name and ownership until 1986, when it was acquired by Baker Perkins North America Inc. (and subsequently sold to APV). Although Sterling machines have not been made under this name for over 30 years, Sterling extruders are still very common throughout the plastics industry and are well regarded for their high quality and reliable performance.

Extruder Lines and Plastics Machinery by Sterling Extruder Corporation

Sterling’s most popular machinery products include blown film lines, sheet extrusion lines, and compounding equipment. Here at Arlington Plastics Machinery, we most often carry these sizes of Sterling extruders in stock:

  • 3.5"
  • 4.5"
  • 6"

We offer these extruders as either as single-item sales or as part of a full extrusion line. Sterling extruders are found on used compounding lines in a wide variety of industries, helping to repurpose plastic into a stronger, more durable, or more versatile form.

Buying, Selling, and Appraising Used Sterling Extruders

Because Sterling no longer manufacturers machinery, all existing machines must be purchased used. At Arlington, we maintain our own stock of used and refurbished Sterling machines—including pelletizers, compounders, pullers, and extruders—and are not simply internet brokers of machinery. Our warehouse is stocked with items that are ready for purchase, and we also offer in-house machine shop services for Entire Extruder Reconditioning.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a used Sterling extruder or to sell one you’re no longer using, we have trained experts ready to appraise the machine on-site or remotely. Contact our plastics machinery experts to find out more today.

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