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Originally founded in 1964 as Polymer Machinery, Hosokawa Polymer Systems remains an industry leader and recognized innovator in the field of plastics recycling and repurposing. This company has a rich history in the plastics industry:

  • They first designed the press side, auger feed, and scissor-cutting granulators, which help reduce bottlenecks and increase automation.
  • They built the 400 HP model granulator, which was the largest granulating machine in the United States at the time.
  • Under a division called Polymer Systems, they introduced dedusting systems to reduce the plastic dusts that often cause imperfections and defects in final products.

It was Polymer Systems that was eventually purchased and repurposed into the current company: Hosokawa Polymer Systems. Under the umbrella of Hosokawa Micron International, the company has continued their innovation with the Alpine CL series, Shurfeed heavy-duty granulators, PET and LDPE washing systems, and heavy-duty single- and twin-shaft shredders.

Shredders and Granulators by Hosokawa Polymer Systems

Size reduction equipment by Hosokawa Polymer Systems can be found in a huge variety of applications, from plastics recycling to blow molding, injection molding, cables/wires, and profile fabrication. The company’s granulators vary in terms of dimensions, weight, HP, and cutting circle diameter, but the equipment is generally known for providing:

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Cleaner Plastic Regrind
  • Larger, Less Obstructed Feed Openings
  • Higher Throughputs
  • Reduced Wear over Time

In total, Hosokawa Polymer Systems manufactures more than 100 granulators, shredders, dedusters, and other size reduction machines, and Arlington’s inventory is constantly updated with used Hosokawa machines at fair prices. Our staff of experienced plastics experts can help you choose the right size reduction equipment for any recycling or manufacturing process.

Interested in Hosokawa Polymer Systems’ Size Reduction? Get a Quote Today

Arlington Machinery has been buying, selling, and refurbishing used plastics equipment since 1987. If you’d like to explore the benefits of incorporating a Hosokawa Polymer Systems’ machine into your line, we’re here to help.

We can work with you to identify the most effective granulator or shredder for your application, or we can purchase used equipment that you no longer need. Our certified appraiser ensures fair market valuation for each sale. Contact us today to start your purchase, sale, or appraisal of Hosokawa Polymer Systems equipment.

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