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Granutec has been a trusted manufacturer of plastics granulators and other size reduction machinery since 1980 and has recently merged with Whitaker Brothers. Our popular models include an extensive selection of plastic granulators with various sizing specifications, feed mechanisms, auger trough hoppers, pick-a-part separators and more. All Granutec size reduction equipment is manufactured and quality-tested in the USA, and they’re optimally designed for use in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and recycling.

Superior Granulators in the Size Reduction and Plastics Market

At Granutec, the manufacturer’s goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations with top-of-the-line machinery granulators and plastic grinders. We understand that every customer’s needs will be different. That’s why we at Arlington Machinery offer a variety of Granutec granulators that are equipped to handle any job:

  • Auger Granulators
  • Top Drop Granulators
  • Tangential Feed Granulators
  • Central Granulators
  • Beside the Press Granulators
  • Thermoforming Granulators

Additionally, we offer all components of our equipment as individual accessories, so you can modify your existing granulators and replace old parts to improve performance. We ship all our stock parts the same day that they’re ordered, so you can get any work done in a timely manner.

Buy or Sell Plastics Size Reduction Machinery Today

The engineers, designers, and assemblers at Granutec guarantee high-quality machines that meets your needs and exceed your expectations. We test and inspect all our equipment before we send it to you and offer protective warranties on all parts minus belts and knives. To top it off, our services department is ready to advise on any repairs and modifications you may need. Give us a call to learn more about our equipment and services today.

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