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Since 1983, EREMA Plastics Recycling Systems has provided world-recognized plastics recycling technology. Their complete systems are used by clients for a wide variety of purposes from plastic bottle recycling to in-house recycling of plastic waste. EREMA size reduction equipment and recycling systems can also help manufacturers produce high-end plastics that are already decontaminated and dosed with other compounds.

EREMA’s Plastic Recycling Systems Complete the Production Cycle

Whether companies need to recover unused plastic material, or manufacturers want to incorporate their plastics size reduction equipment into a production line, EREMA’s recycling systems are complete solutions. They are equipped with an automatic feeder, compactors (densifier/agglomerator), plasticizer, filter, and degassing extruder for end-to-end processing of plastic waste into useable plastic pellets.

EREMA currently produces four types of plastic recycling systems:

  • INTAREMA: These recycling systems feature a reverse tangential system in the cutter compactor allowing for faster processing of larger amounts of plastic at a broader temperature range.
  • VACUREMA: Designed to create plastic pellets safe for direct food contact, Vacurema systems cleans wet, contaminated plastic flake before the pelletization process. It results in extremely clean pellets that dry faster.
  • VACUNITE: A massive system that provides bottle-to-bottle recycling. Easily produce food-safe plastic containers that are ready to fill with your favorite beverage.
  • COREMA: EREMA has also developed a complete recycling system for producing high-quality pellets by combining the recycling and compounding process. Companies can create high-end, recycled plastics in one process.

Let Us Help You Buy, Sell, or Appraise Used EREMA Equipment

If you are interested in selling or having your used EREMA Plastics Recycling Systems appraised, reach out to Arlington Machinery. We have certified appraisal experts who can provide a fair price for your recycling systems. We also maintain a supply of used plastic recycling systems at our warehouse. Give us a call about purchasing the ideal product for your business.

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