Carter Day has over 100 years of experience manufacturing processing equipment for any application involving free flowing granular materials. Additionally, we manufacture a processing system line of dewatering, drying, and cleaning equipment for the Plastics industry.

High-Quality Processing Equipment and Processing System Lines

From the start, our design strategy has focused on adaptability and easy operation. That means making sure we provide low-maintenance designs that are quick to manufacture and last a lifetime. Our team uses a modular building block approach that allows us to assemble your order within weeks instead of months.

While we focus on spinaway dryers in the petrochemical industry, we also offer a variety of Agribusiness products:

  • Bale and Particle-izer Granulators
  • Pulverizers
  • Crushers
  • Hammermills
  • Hi-Torque and Pallet Shredders
  • Original Equipment Parts

We also offer a variety of products for the Plastics industry, such as:

  • Drying Systems
  • Perforated Screens
  • Industrial Scalperators
  • Industrial Aspirators

Your Top Choice for Agribusiness and Plastics Products

Carter Day is dedicated to improving the quality of our products every day. That’s why we continue to restructure our research and development facilities. When you choose Carter Day, you can enjoy high-quality products that are protected by a 2-year warranty. Give us a call to start planning your project today.

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