Cal-Sierra was a company located in Pomona, California that manufactured plastic densifiers and agglomerator machines. Cal-Sierra machinery featured 50 hp to 250 hp vertical densifiers and offered 480 or 575V totally enclosed energy efficient motors and starters.

Cal-Sierra Plastic Densifiers and Agglomerators

Ideal component machines for plastic waste processing:

  • Densifiers are used to reduce plastic film sheets so that other machines can shred it. Items light in weight, such as grocery bags, can be processed in a densifier so that they can be reclaimed.
  • Agglomerators are designed to tumble and bind plastic waste into small, dense cubes or pieces, to be fed into an extruder.

Buy, Sell and Appraise Used Equipment

Arlington Machinery continues to buy and sell used Cal-Sierra machinery for plastics recycling and waste processing. Our expert appraisers provide equipment valuation the purchase of your used Cal-Sierra plastic densifiers and agglomerator machines. Contact us to learn more.

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