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Since 1953, Boston Matthews has been manufacturing extruders and downstream equipment for the worldwide plastics industry. Boston Matthews designs and manufacturers a range of plastics processing machinery including extrusion lines, single screw extruders, cooling, sizing and spray tanks, servo cutters, automatic, servo and all-electric saws, and coilers and winders.

Boston Matthews’ Award-Winning Pullers and Extruders

While Boston Matthews designs a full range of plastics extrusion and downstream machinery, this company is best known for its pullers. In fact, Boston Matthews earned a spot in the US Plastics Hall of Fame for inventing the Caterpillar Take-up Puller! They were also the world’s first manufacturer of the 150mm extruder used to process polyurethane. Today, the Boston Model C or "Farris" Puller is widely considered the industry standard.

At Arlington, we most commonly stock Boston Matthews belt pullers ranging from 3” to 8”. Depending on the application, pullers most often use two to four belts and can either be flat or cleated. Common applications for pullers include the manufacture of continuous tubing and pipes such as garden hoses, medical tubes, or drainpipes.

In 2002, Boston Matthews bought Munchy, the inventor of the dual diameter screw capable of recycling a wide range of materials.

We Can Buy, Sell, or Appraise Your Boston Matthews Plastics Extruders

Arlington Plastics Machinery has been a leader in plastics industry equipment since 1987. We offer full-service support for buying, selling, and refurbishing Boston Matthews machines—including our own in-house warehouse stock and in-house machining capabilities.

Even if you aren’t planning to buy from or sell to us, we can assist with appraising your machinery so that you get a fair market value. Contact us to speak with a plastics expert and get accurate pricing for your Boston Matthews puller or extruder.

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