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Berstorff is a brand with a long history in extrusion and has been operating since 1929.  In 1966 it introduced its ZE twin screw extruders.  Well-known for their twin screw extruders they also manufacturer single-screw extruders, planetary mixers, multi-screw extruders, laminating lines, mills, winders, rubber extruders, calendaring lines, and recycling lines.  They have been affiliated with Krauss Maffei and Netstal since the beginning of their production. Now branded under the KraussMaffei Berstorff brand, they are a leader in twin screw technology for automotive, construction and packaging industries with melt-fed single screw extruders, compounding lines, pipe extrusion, profile extrusion, rigid sheet extrusion, flexible sheet extrusion and foam extrusion. 

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