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Rotary Wheel and Shuttle Blow Molding Machines

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Continuous extrusion blow molding machines are most often used to produce hollow plastic products of smaller size and volume. This equipment is ideal for high production runs with a large output of products, such as:

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Medicine Bottles
  • Small Plastic Containers
  • Food Packaging
  • Consumer/Household Bottles
  • Personal Care Bottles
  • Plastic Tubes

The most recognized manufacturers of continuous extrusion blow molding machines—many of which are available in Arlington Machinery’s inventory—include Wilmington, Battenfeld Fischer, Bekum, and Hayssen.

Continuous Blow Molding Process

In the continuous blow molding process, the screw is continually turning and pushing out plastic parisons. As the plastic parison moves in a constant stream, the molds move to meet it (unlike some machines where the molds are stationary). The molds clamp over the section and then move away, allowing for the next mold to do the same in quick succession.

In this way, the steps of plasticizing, extruding, and forming are continuously carried out without stopping. This continuous blow molding process is best suited for processes that are:

  • Small Volume
  • Low Capacity
  • High Efficiency

Types of Continuous Blow Molding Machines

There are two main types of continuous blow molding machines, categorized according to the placement and type of molds:

  • Shuttle Machines: Molds are on a shuttle clamp that move to the side. Shuttle machines can produce containers of up to six layers but are more commonly used for up to three. These machines can have a single side or dual side depending on the desired output and efficiency.
  • Rotary Wheel Machines: Molds are located on a wheel, which spins either horizontally or vertically. These machines can produce containers of up to seven layers and are known for providing very precise consistencies, dimensions, and weights compared to other types of blow molders.

Both types of continuous blow molders have co-extrusion capabilities and can be configured with varied numbers of extruder heads, molds, and clamping devices. Both types of blow molders can also be used with a variety of resin types such as PVC and PE.

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Arlington Machinery brings more than 35 years of experience in the purchase, sale, and refurbishment of extrusion blow molding equipment.

In addition to continuous blow molders (both rotary wheel and shuttle), we offer a wide inventory of intermittent blow molders, including the accumulated head type. Our product specialists would be happy to help you choose the best type of blow molder for you.

We operate our own warehouse and machine shop, and our blow molding inventory is constantly updated with machines from Bekum and other top manufacturers. Contact us to speak with a plastics extrusion expert, or fill out our online form to request a product quote.

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