2002 Ruli Standard 3 Layer Blow Film Line

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Item 15907J

Product Features

  • 2002 Ruli Standard 3 Layer Blown Films Lines
  • 2 ea. EF 2.5, 30:1, L/D, air cooled Ruli Standard extruders with Weg 60 kw AC Vector drives and a Cresta style manual screen changer.
  • 1 ea. Ruli Standard 80mm, 30:1, L/D air cooled extruder with Cresta style manual screen changer and Weg 150 kw AC Vector drive.
  • 1 ea. Heat Control Panel with 1/16 din Solid State instruments and Solid State contactors. 1 ea. Fixed 350mm? stack die on a cart. Die is IBC.
  • 1 ea. Octagon automatic air ring.
  • 1 ea. 25 kw air ring blower with Berg 2,000 CFM poly cool.
  • 1 ea. 15 kw & 20 kw blowers for IBC with Berg 2,000 CFM poly cool.
  • 1 ea. DR Joseph IBC control with 4 Ultra Sonic sensors.
  • 1 ea. Macro motorized bubble cage (estimated 1996).
  • 1 ea. Macro 80" oscillating nip with roller collapsers and side guides.
  • 1 ea. E & L electronic edge guide.
  • 1 ea. Pillar 2 side split box treater with 5 kw Pillar AB6000 power supply.
  • 1 ea. 10HP & 7.5HP Venturi blowers.
  • 1 ea. Set of Macro face-to-face 32" diameter x 80" single turret winders with auto cut by flip knife. Also includes 80" Macro secondary nip.
  • 1 ea. Doteco 4 component gravimetric blenders with vacuum receivers on 25" extruders. 1 ea. Doteco 4 component gravimetric blender with vacuum receivers on 80mm extruder. 1 ea. Macchi Recotrim recycler is also included.
  • Lines also include IBC plumbing, scrapless edge slitters and necessary idlers.

Arlington Machinery Reviews

Worked with Jeff Norman to identify a desiccant dryer for our process. He walked us through the process as we don't have experience buying used equipment. Sale was completed and unit was received well-packed and on time. Unit is running great and does the job fine.

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