2004 Ruli Standard Blow Film Line 3 Layer

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Item 15906J

Product Features

  • 2004 Ruli Standard Line
  • 2 ea. Ruli Standard EF 2.5" Air Cooled, 30:1 Extruders with Weg 60 kw AC Vector drive and a Cresta style manual screen changer.
  • 1 ea. Ruli Standard EF 70mm Air Cooled, 30:1 Extruder with Weg 100 kw AC Vector drive and a Cresta style manual screen changer.
  • 1 ea. 35 Zone Heat Control Panel with 1/16 din Solid State instruments, Solid State contactors and ABB AC line drives.
  • 1 ea. Fixed 350mm? stack die on a cart. Die is IBC. 1 ea. Octagon automatic air ring.
  • 1 ea. 25 kw air ring blower and AEC 2,000 CFM poly cool.
  • 1 ea. 15HP and 7.5HP IBC blowers with 2,000 CFM poly cool.
  • 1 ea. DR Joseph IBC control with 4 Ultra Sonic sensors.
  • 1 ea. Ruli Standard motorized bubble cage.
  • 1 ea. Ruli Standard 67" oscillating nip with aluminum roller collapsers and gusset blades.
  • 1 ea. E & L electric edge guide.
  • 1 ea. Pillar 4 side treater station with two 5 kw Pillar AB6000 power supplies.
  • 1 ea. 20HP Venturi blower for trim.
  • 1ea. Set of Ruli Standard surface winders mounted face-to-face with loading chain, synchronized hoists for loading air shaft into magazine, hydraulic unloading, secondary nip auto cut via flying knife and slitter station.
  • 2ea. Doteco 6 component gravimetric blenders mounted on 2 1/2" extruders with vacuum receivers.
  • 1ea. Doteco 4 component gravimetric blender mounted on 70mm extruder with vacuum receivers.
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