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8" Wide Killion/Davis Standard Lab Cast Film Line, With 1" Extruder

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Brand Killion
Model KL100
Item 15597A

Product Features

  • 8" Wide Killion/Davis Standard Lab Cast Film Line, With 1" Extruder
  • 1" Davis Standard Extruder Model KL-100, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Air Cooled Barrel, 3 Barrel Zones, 3 Die Zones, Eurotherm 2208 Temperatrue Controllers, Amp Meters For Each Temp Zone, Main Motor Amp Meter, Screw Speed, Melt Temp, Dynisco Pressure Readout, 3 Hp DC Motor Belt Driven, Single Stage Screw With Axial UCC Mixer,
  • Machine Comes With Hopper Barrel Clamp, And 8" Flex Lip Die
  • 8" Wide Davis Standard Chill Roll Stand, 8" Diameter Chrome Roll, Ported For Cooling, 8" Wide x 5" Diameter Nip Rolls, One Chrome One Rubber, Pneumatic Tension Control, Driven By 1 HP Motor Through A Gearbox, Tension Winder, 3" Core, 11" Wide, Driven By (1/4)hp Winder With DC Speed Control, Chill Roll and Winder on Unitized Base, With Line Speed Readout
  • 230 Volt System
  • Includes Single Strand Pelletizing Die, Extra Hopper & Machine Manual
  • Extruder Dimensions: 53" x 32" x 54"(without hopper) Machine On Casters
  • Extruder Weight 600lbs
  • Chill Roll Stand Dimensions: 58" x 47" x 48" Machine On Casters
  • Machine S/N Z-7096
  • Machine New in 2000

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