19" x 22" Zerma L30-60 Shredder, 15 hp motor

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Brand Zerma
Model L30-60
Item 64103

Product Features

  • 19" x 22" Zerma L30-60 Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder
  • APPLICATION: the L 30 Series shredders are single shaft shredders with a tangential in-feed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system. the space saving and maneuverable design combined with the *plug and play* controls make this machine very flexible and ready to go in no time. Like its bigger brothers in the P series they are equipped with outboard bearings, 310 mm diameter flat E rotors with 600 or 850 mm width driven by an oversized geared motor. Utilizing the proven Zerma knife holder and knife design, the user friendly concept makes cleaning and maintenance work a breeze. the low speed of 72 rpm combined with the compact design of the T shredders makes it possible to shred lumps at a relatively low noise level. the machines can be fed manually or by conveyor and material discharge can be conveyor or drop box. the T30-60 is designed to handle a maximum purging size of 5" diameter x 2" 3" thick (3 5 pounds), and has an average throughput rating of approximately 400 450 pounds per hour.
  • HOPPER: Large capacity infeed hopper, carbon steel construction with large opening 22" x 19". Tangential feed hopper for easy ingestion of material without the need of a hydraulic ram.
  • ROTOR:Composed of a 12" diameter tempered steel body. this steel allows the discs to have a very hard surface which is resistant to wear and therefore requires less maintenance. In case the rotor is jammed while shredding, it will invert the rotational direction and stop, allowing to inspect and identify the cause of the jam before re-starting the machine. 72rpm rotor speed.
  • BED KNIVES: One (1) complete row of bed knives allowing material to obtain the final size faster
  • BLADE HOLDERS:these parts are made with a special high resistance steel. they aremanufactured by precision castings to allow a perfect fitting and added protection of the cutting blades. their design allows for easily positioning and interchanging of these parts on the rotor.
  • BLADES: Made in a special through tempered D2 tool steel with multi-cut profile. these blades can be re-used after the first wear by turning them around before having to replace. these blades are fixed to the blade holders with screws that are perfectly protected from the wear caused by the material being shredded. this fixing system allows for a quick and easy blade replacement. Twenty Six (26) 34mm x 34mm x 20mm rotor knives.
  • DISCHARGE:Bin located below safety interlocked door
  • CONTROLS: PLC control. Ammeter in control panel.
  • DRIVE:15HP, direct drive.

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Equipment arrived in the condition I was expecting. Good value & good experience.

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