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Arlington has a variety of pipe and profile extrusion lines to make your plastic processes run more efficiently and produce higher-quality products. Our inventory of plastic extrusion equipment is versatile so that you can find the machinery that best fits your application. We have used equipment that is available for purchase as is, in running condition or completely refurbished. Browse our selection of pipe and profile extrusion lines to find the equipment suited for your needs.Pipe extrusion lines are used to make PVC pipes and similar tubes. Profile extrusion lines use the same process as pipe equipment, but with a different die and set up to create flat plastic pieces. Profile extrusion lines can be used to produce plastic fencing, plastic deck pieces and flat siding for houses. The end products can be produced in different lengths and thicknesses. Plastic extrusion equipment assists in reducing waste of raw material and increases the productivity levels of your plastics processes.
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