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For over 35 years, SSI Shredding Systems has been a manufacturer of shredding solutions internationally for multiple industries including plastics. Originally invested in mobile solutions for industrial and government organizations, SSI quickly saw the need for dedicated systems and developed its well-known line of shredders.  SSI manufacturers single shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, primary reducers and pre-load compactors.  Typical brands seen in the used market are Uni-Shear, Dual-Shear and Quad Shaft. 

Plastic Shredding Solutions

SSI has many shredders installed in plastic processing applications ahead of granulators. By doing so, difficult to manage or compressible materials are downsized before additional processing and recycling. SSI technologies can accept direct-fed bales of plastic, downsize the material, and regulate flow to downstream processing machinery such as granulators, cubers, pelletizers, etc. SSI shredders can handle the range of materials and they are also easy to keep clean between batches, thanks to slow speed, high torque technology.

Industrial Shredding Machinery

Arlington sells a wide variety of used shredding machinery, including

  • Single Shaft Shredders
  • Quad Shaft Shredders
  • Shredding/Grinding Line

SSI’s shredders are used in plastics and polymer processing across many different industries including construction, alternative fuel processing, metal processing, industrial paper & mill waste, medical waste, wood and scrap tire shredding. In addition to SSI Shredding systems, Arlington Plastics sells shredding equipment from brands like Conair, Lindner, Recycling Equipment Ince, Republic Machine, Vecoplan and Weima.

Interested in SSI Shredding Systems? We Can Buy, Sell, or Appraise

Arlington Plastics Machinery has been a leading buyer, seller, and refurbisher of plastics molding, thermoforming, shredding, extrusion, and post-extrusion equipment since 1987. Before you purchase or sell your SSI shredding systems, contact us to make sure your equipment is properly market priced! Our certified equipment appraisers have decades of experience and can produce USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS, and IFRS-compliant reports.

We also maintain our own warehouse stock of used SSI Shredders for sale, so contact us today if you’re interested in buying! We’re here to help you.

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