HPM Company was incorporated in 1877 as the Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Company in Mount Gilead, Ohio, with the purpose to design and build hydraulic presses for the extraction of apple cider. 

HPM started to manufacture hydraulic presses that were used in a number of markets, including textiles, railroads, and food processing.  HPM has been supplying injection molding machinery and support services to the plastic industry since 1931. 

In March of 2011, YIZUMI Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, located in China, acquired all HPM intellectual properties. Shortly after, HPM North America Corporation was set up in Marion, Ohio and n 2017 changed its name to Yizumi-HPM Corporation.

Yizumi-HPM Corporation manufactures high quality hybrid injection molding machinery from 60 to 3500 tons, and hot and cold chamber die casting machinery from 200 to 4500 tons. Yizumi-HPM Corporation sells and manufactures injection molding machines and die casting machines based upon the HPM designs but utilizing the engineering, manufacturing and financial strengths of YIZUMI. With further global operation of HPM and YIZUMI brands, they can provide customers worldwide with products and services.

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